A Tale of Police surprise!

When I was driving the Porsche Carrera RS 3 litre for Porsche Cars GB ltd in 1974, I would regularly drive the car on the road to the various circuits, and on this one occasion I was driving the car up the M1 to Donington Park race track in Derbyshire. I had with me my friend and managing director of Porsche Cars GB a certain John Aldington. The car was in GP White with Porsche Cars emblazoned along both doors, and underneath in more discreet lettering was "Driver: Nick Faure". John saw racing as very good PR for his fast expanding Porsche company in Great Britain. Sales were really beginning to take of at the beginning of the Seventies so this opportunity suited my ambition and their public relations.  Stuttgart had always believed that racing improved the breed and so did “JT” as we all knew him by.
 John was a very quiet man but a true enthusiast and he loved the racing. He inherited the Porsche business from “HJ”Aldington, his father who had had the foresight to see the potential in taking on the Porsche importation in the UK from Peter Colborne-Baber’s father of Colborne Garages in Surrey. They decided, that after a very faltering start with these funny little over priced German cars, Porsche sales had no future here in the UK !! Little did they realise the opportunity they had turned away! “HJ” obviously was not put off by the stigma of anything German so soon after the war as he had already bought up a lot of the rights and technology from the BMW and created the BMW Frazer-Nash alongside the existing Frazer Nash company that he had bought from Archie Frazer-Nash himself. So under the banner of AFN grew the new Porsche distributorship.
He saw it as very good PR for his fast expanding Porsche company in Great Britain. Sales were beginning to take off and 1974 saw Porsche  successfully  break into the Supercar League alongside Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. (see another tale)
In the early seventies there was very little traffic on the motorways and outside lane hogging was definitely frowned upon as there were very few queues of fast traffic like today. A quick flash of the lights or more discreetly a flick of the right indicator would normally do the trick and clear the road. Sadly our driving habits have been forced to dramatically change our whole approach to discipline due to the huge increase in traffic. In the following 40 years driving for pleasure has  virtually disappeared. We are all considered criminals until proven otherwise!! Big brother arrived early and is here to stay.
So on this occasion I had been driving at approximately 75mph and I pointed out that a Police Ford Granada had appeared and closing in my mirror. So I said to John "I think that maybe we have attracted their attention!! As expected the police car overtook us and signalled us to stop on the hard shoulder. This was the method in those days rather than pull up behind with the blue lights flashing. So we were both parked and the policeman from the passenger side walked back to our car and indicated for John to wind down his window, to which he obliged.
He then put his head close to the open window and asked, " right which one of you is Nick Faure?”, and to John's immediate relief John quickly pointed to me. So the policeman said "ok then you (pointing at John) get out, and go and sit in the Granada and at the same time he looked at me got in the passenger seat and said, "come on Nick show me how this goes and your friend can go in the police car up to the next Services several miles up the road !!" So poor John had to go and be passenger in the police car whilst the officer in my car took off his hat and rested it on his knees, and we set of as fast as I could go up the motorway to the enormous satisfaction of my new passenger. Can you just imagine that happening today! We arrived a considerable time before the patrol car with John on board and he thanked me for such a memorable ride. He then told me that he was a keen fan of mine and indeed raced his own triumph TR4 in the Thoroughbred Sports Car series! How times have changed, fun and pleasure is seemingly dialled out of all our lives, so these special memories of the days of freedom and individual decisions will live forever.
On another time I was in the same car going to Snetterton and I was stopped and was sure that I was going to be reprimanded for speeding but they simply told me that it was rather a high profile car and with my name spread across both sides, it was a red rag to a bull; so "please go more gently!"